Forged check valve

Forged Steel Check Valves are ideal for high pressure and high temperature applications. These valves are non-return type of valves, which allow the flow in only one direction.

The forged check valves are lift type, spring loaded check valves and available in two types, i.e., Plug type and Ball type check valves.

The forged check valves usually are with bolted bonnet or welded bonnet, with full or standard bore execution.

Forged Check Valve up to 650 °C

Forged Check Valve up to 650 °C

ApplicationForged Swing check valves are self-acting valves preventing the back flow of the fluid. It is used especially in power engineering, chemical industry as well as other industries depending on material selection. Swing check valves are not shut-off valves.Working mediumsteam, water, gases. Working temperature+650°C to DN 800, NPS 32“Technical descriptionThe body is made of forged material. The disc is inserted into the valve body through the pressure seal cover ..

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