W-Shape Rubber Fenders

W-shape Rubber Fenders

W-Shape Rubber Fenders are engineered for use in most extreme conditions and are able to absorb extreme bumps and knocks. This type of fender is very suitable for application on the bow and stern of tugs, workboats and icebreakers.

The grooves on the top of the W-Shape Rubber Fenders offer an additional grip and low pressure while pushing. With the help of its two flexible legs, the design of the W-shape rubber fenders also allows an easy installation even with a large or small radius by means of guide rods.

W-shape rubber fenders are made from extremely durable type of rubber. Lengths which are shorther than 2000 mm are produced by means of compression-moulding.

The most used and bought dimensions are usually always kept in stock and can therefore be delivered at short delivery time. W fenders, M fenders and keyhole fenders are not interchangeable details.

W-shape rubber fenders are relatively not hard to install.

Their attachment is often performed with the help of fixing pins which pass through the standard holes. W fenders are offered in different lengths and can be cut at an specified angle. If the fenders have to be longer than one meter an additional opening for a support strip can be added.