Plastics Gluing & Bending Service

Plastics Gluing, Bending Plastics Gluing, Bending

The bending and gluing of plastics, including "see-through" products, is another value-added service that we provide. It is possible for us to bend and glue materials such as plastics like polycarbonate, PETG, PMMA just to name a few, to make displays and guards.

We have purchased a wide range of plastic bending equipment and facilities over the years to better support our clients.

There is a wide range of adhesives available at our stock suitable for all sorts of polymers we offer. Our CNC Plastics Gluing Robot ensures accurate and consistent delivery of the adhesive for a perfect joint every time.

We have the equipment and expertise to manufacture almost every plastic detail using our heat benders and presses. We use a solvent-type bonding agent for bonding plexiglass that chemically welds surfaces together. It produces clean, optically transparent joints that result in a beautiful end-product.

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