Flat rubber diaphragms

Flat diaphragms - rubber

Flat diaphragms of rubber as the name implies have flat design and allow pressure on both sides. They have same effective area on both sides.

Flat diaphragms and membranes are cut from rubber coated special type of fabric or rubber sheeting with cloth insert.

The flat rubber diaphragms have not so big extension, but the pressure can be applied on both sides.

We can offer rubberized cloth flat diaphragms of any type of rubber -  including EPDM flat diaphragms, NBR flat diaphragms and reinforced diaphragms.

Flat rubber diaphragms can be used for pumps, pressure regulators, gas, LPG and methane plants. The flat diaphragms are used in any applications including pumps, regulation, control and measurement.

Flat Rubber Diaphragm

Flat Rubber Diaphragm

Flat Rubber Diaphragm Flat Rubber Diaphragms are pressure loadable on both sides. They have same effective area on both sides. The flat rubber diaphragms are used for pumps, regulation, control and measurement. our flat rubber diaphragms have limited stroke as defined hereunder: H max ≤ 0.06 x DG (regulatory function) H max ≤ 0.1 x DG (pump function) low hysteresis no stick-slip effect DLM = DLG + 0.02 DG We manufacture flat rubber diaphragms and do sell a..

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