Rubber Diaphragms

Our decades of expertise in rubber diaphragms allows us, often in partnership with clients, to design and produce unique rubber components. 

With your help, our engineers can create new ways to produce your rubber molded diaphragms easily.

Rubber diaphragms are a great way to solve your sealing problems.

Whether fabric reinforced or coated additionally for chemical resistance to PTFE, our rubber diaphragms have endless possibilities.

Flow controls, energy treatment, food and beverage manufacturing, gas regulatory and other industrial devices are only some of the common applications for our rubber diaphragms (like pumps and valves).



Prototypes of rubber diaphragms

A 3d printed prototype of the rubber diaphragm can be developed where appropriate to allow the product to be tested effectively. First, a 3D "Look & Feel" model of the rubber diaphragm can be produced in hours.

Within one of our 'sample processing chambers', rubber moulded versions of the rubber diaphragm can also be manufactured very easily. In very small to very wide sequences, the final rubber substance may be supplied.

No matter if hygienic, cleanliness specific applications or any other special approval of materials  is needed in accordance with food or pharmaceutical requirements - we can produce any required rubber material for your rubber diaphragms in our own laboratories.

Moulding process of rubber

The molding of rubber and elastomer compounds for the rubber diaphragms is achieved by using heat and pressure to push the substance into a shape. Compression, transfer and injection methods can be used to mold rubber diaphragms of elastomers. The required volume of components and type of rubber diaphragm decides the choice of moulding process.