Arch Rubber Fenders

Arch Rubber Fenders

For many decades around the world, arch rubber fenders and component fenders have been used successfully. These fenders are with relatively simple and durable structure and offer high wear-resistant rubber performance which provides a high level of wall and quay corner safety.

Arch Rubber Fenders are made up of one part and available in different dimensions both for height and width. In the base of this type of fender, a steel plate with mounting holes has already been made for the bolts.

The fender can be supplied in a composite design - solid rubber as usual with a top layer of UHMW-PE which can be added to the fender if needed.

Bolts can be used to mount Arch Rubber Fenders both horizontally and vertically. The ends can be provided with a beveled corner or perpendicular. For the safety of quay corners, we manufacture Arch Rubber Fenders corner parts customized to the customer's order. Element fenders are available in different sizes as usual and are made in a mould, just like V fenders. A steel plate, which is vulcanized, is provided to both ends.

This steel plate has mounting holes for attachment to the wall and the panel to be used. The front panel can consist of a sheet of UHMW-PE or a panel of metal.