Polyphenylenether / PPE

Polyphenylenether / PPE sheets & rodsPolyphenylenether / PPE material, or polyphenylene ether as it is known chemically, is produced in conventional stock forms for machining and is extruded as sheet and rod.

Due to the nature of its composition, PPE polymer shows very low moisture absorption. Because of this, effective electrical insulating characteristics may be obtained under a variety of humidity and temperature circumstances. With PPE material, chemical assault from water, the majority of salt solutions, acids, and bases is also limited.

  • Polyphenylenether / PPE has great electrical insulating properties
  • Long-term dimensional is used because of its stability
  • Superior impact strength
  • Polyphenylenether / PPE is also a Lightweight material
  • Thermoformable capability
  • Polyphenylenether / PPE has Good hydrolytic stability
Automotive Industry
Conveying industry
Electrical Engineering
Food Industry
Mechanical engineering
Home Appliances

Polyphenylenether / PPE sheets

Polyphenylenether / PPE sheets

Polyphenylenether / PPE sheets This amorphous material has a low propensity to creep, very good dimensional stability, minimal water absorption, and excellent impact strength. Polyphenylenether (PPE) sheets have a very low moisture absorption rate and offer excellent insulation across a broad temperature and humidity range. Polyphenylene ether(PPE) sheets are one of the few non-metallic materials that can be electroplasted thanks to the alloy composition's strong electr..

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