Convoluted Rubber Diaphragms

Convoluted Rubber DiaphragmsThe Convoluted Rubber Diaphragm is a flexible barrier which spans the gap between a stationary and a moving part. Its purpose is to prevent the exchange of fluids between two different chambers.

The convoluted diaphragms are moulded into the same shape that they will take during the assembly phase.

The rubber diaphragms's convolutions allow great diaphragm travel, approximately twice the depth of a non-convoluted diaphragm.

The maximum recommended stroke length for deep drawing diaphragms is determined by keeping the diaphragm height below, or equal to, the bore diameter.

In a convoluted rubber diaphragm, the effective area consists of a molded curved section concentric with the circumference.

Convoluted Rubber Diaphragms are designed to safely ensure functions like regulationdosingmeasuringcontrol by their liquid-, air-, gasproofness.

Convoluted Rubber Diaphragm

Convoluted Rubber Diaphragm

Convoluted Rubber Diaphragm Convoluted diaphragms involve a rolling convolution with an arched cross-sectional area, even if being in an unloaded state. As long as limitations in the stroke height are taken into consideration, then an almost strokeindependent effective diameter can be attained. Convoluted Rubber diaphragms always require a differential pressure toward the rolling convolution in order to preclude a folding over of the rolling convolution. Convoluted ..

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