M-Shape Rubber Fenders

M-shape Rubber Fenders

M-Shape Rubber Fenders are commonly used on the boat's bow or stern or on the dock or pontoon corners. This fender's M shape offers mobility, so it can easily follow a bow or stern's contour.

The contact layer of this M-Shape type of fenders is wide and flexible. The grooves on the surface provide added grip and three elastic legs to ensure good touch and stable binding.

On a small radius, M fenders can be mounted and are much lighter than W fenders. The three mounting holes in M-Shape fenders make deployment simple and precise.

M-Shape fenders are made from a form of rubber that is extremely durable. Lengths which are no more than 2000 mm are created by compression-molding. The most common dimensions are stored and can therefore be delivered as soon as possible. M fenders, W fenders and Keyhole fenders are not interchangeable.

These fenders can be mounted relatively easily. Mounting also takes place through three regular openings with the aid of fastening pins.  M fenders are available i different lengths and can be cut at an angle.  If the fenders are longer than one meter, it is possible to add an opening for a support strip.

M-shape design Rubber fenders

M-shape design Rubber fenders

M-shape design Rubber fenders Designed to have a large contact face, these M-shape rubber fenders exert low pressure during pushing operations, and their flexible design makes them ideal for fitting around most tight curves on a hull. Alternatively the M-shape rubber fenders are often used for bridge and pile protection. "M" type rubber fenders are usuall mounted on the bows or sterns of any kind of boats or on the corners of docks or pontoons. The specific "M" shape of..

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