KMR Antivibration mounts

KMR Marine engines antivibration mounts

Our KMR antivibration mounts were designed for mounting of engines for marine engines in order to handle the propeller thrust and absorb the shock loads during their use at sea.

The lack of vibration when using marine engines and reaching the precise load and center of gravity distribution is a critical parameter.

If the installation of the marine engine or other equipment exceeds the prescribed levels of vibration because of wrong selected antivibration mount which does not have the  needed rigidity, the whole engine may display premature wear and aging.

The marine anti-vibration mounts work well when mounted at their load capacity of 60 per cent. Our marine anti-vibration mounts therefore give sufficient stiffness properties and are able to handle external dynamic loads without premature degradation.

Although mainly used in the marine business, now they are widely used as well for all kind of mobile and static machinery to decrease vibration.

  • Metal top coating prevents the rubber product from contamination with oil and diesel fuel.
  • Embedded shock load and rebound control.
  • 50% low rigidity to longitudinal stiffness around the build.
  • With marine engines, longitudinal stiffness is 2.5 times the vertical and ideal of taking engine thrust.
  • Static and mobile generator sets
  • All kind of Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Marine engines

The selection of the marine anti-vibration mounts is an important issue that must be done correctly. We recommend to contact our professionals that are used to deal with these matters.

KMR Marine Antivibration Rubber Mounts

KMR Marine Antivibration Rubber Mounts

KMR Marine Antivibration Rubber Mounts Our KMR antivibration rubber mount was originally designed for mounting a marine engine in order to absorb the propeller thrust, however now they are extensively used for mobile and static machinery to reduce any kind of vibrations. Depending on the application, the service life of a marine anti vibration mount is nearly to 4 years with full functionality. Once this period is overpassed, additional noise or vibration may be noticed..

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