Plastics Laser Cutting Service

Engineering Plastics Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting of Engineering plastics is a process of cutting that is highly accurate and cost-effective.

Our plastics laser cutting devices are suitable for any plastic material which can be sliced and engraved.

We have on stock a wide selection of advanced engineering plastics to pick from, and you will be helped by an experienced team to determine which option is right for your project.

We offer Laser cutting of plastics like PMMA, polystyrene, and ABS sheets with high accuracy. Laser cutting, laser engraving and laser etching give a variety of advantages depending on the form of plastic.

You would be impressed by the polished cutting edge created when laser cutting acrylic, for example. A cleanly sealed cutting edge can be created by laser cutting polyester.

You should know that not all plastic materials are suitable for laser cutting or laser engraving. For example, Plastic materials that are suitable for laser cutting include POMPMMA GSPETG, ABS, PEPTFE.

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