Rubber Profiles

Extruded Rubber Profiles

We provide a wide selection of rubber extrusions and profiles to meet practically any need. We offer services for tool creation, sample supply, manufacturing, inspection, and delivery. There are several materials available, including natural, EPDM, neoprene, nitrile, silicone, and Viton®. We would be pleased to provide a price for your needs, whether you only need a few meters or considerably bigger volumes.

Since every application of the extruded rubber profiles is unique, we may work with you to create components that are specifically tailored to your needs. From straightforward rubber tubing to intricate extrusions, we provide a range of extruded rubber profiles. That involves offering the following varieties of rubber extrusions to businesses.

The success of your components is significantly influenced by the rubber compound you choose. To satisfy diverse temperature, weather, and technical requirements, we employ a wide range of materials for production of the extruded rubber profiles.

Whether you want dual durometer coextrusion or high-temperature tubing, we offer the knowledge and customer support required to choose the best raw materials for your application's needs.