Phenolic Epoxy Laminates

Phenolic Epoxy Laminates are a material, made of laminated cotton cloth, glass cloth or paper with phenolic resin or epoxy resin in the form of sheet, tube or rod, by processing under heat and pressure. It can be used in transformer oil. 

Pieces of cloth or special paper are placed in a special bath and impregnated with phenolic or epoxy resins, warmed to a temperature of 40 C. The fabric is then squeezed and dried, and then cut and pressed at high temperature. The obtained plate are cooled under pressure. The result is a durable and lightweight material with high performance.

We offer phenolic / epoxy cotton cloth laminates, phenolic paper laminates and epoxy / phenolic glass cloth laminated rods, sheets and tubes in huge stock shape ranges. We can also sell smaller offcuts if needed.

Phenolic epoxy laminated sheet and rods application:

The phenolic epoxy laminated products are widely used in electrical engineering - in transformers, electric motors, cabinets, control boxes, electric switches, household appliances, railway, automobile, computer and medical appliance, structural insulating parts for electrical machines and devices.

Characteristics of phenolic epoxy laminates

  • Good wear resistance
  • Good heat resistance
  • Good electrical properties
  • Noise reduction
  • Long life span