Rubber Mouldings and Fabrications

Rubber Mouldings and Fabrications. Bespoke rubber products

We are experts in making tailor-made rubber products using a wide range of manufacturing methods and can produce bespoke rubber products of any rubber material which is commercially available.

We are skilled in producing a huge range of rubber products - with over 20 000 toolings  available. We are able to do cutting, shaping, construction of mandrels, binding and stitching to form any design of custom made rubber products.

The sizes in output can vary from large volumes to one off models, and our ISO9001 accreditation means that we produce only high quality rubber products for use in the most demanding applications.

The extensive capacity of our equipment enables us to produce custom made rubber products and mouldings up to 3 m in diameter and 8 m in length.

Our group of professionals will create for you custom made rubber goods specifically designed to handle almost any application, with the most common produced rubber mouldings including:    

  • Pump rubber Bellows, Rubber Sleeves
  • Fabricated Rubber Blocks
  • Rubber to Metal Bonded Assemblies
  • Rubber Covers, Rubber Roller & Wheel Covering
  • Flexible Rubber Joints
  • Rubber Gaiters
  • Rubber Bladders
  • Fenders