Rubber Fenders

Rubber Fenders - Marine industryDuring contact between the ship and docks (or even other vessels) in the maritime industry, rubber fenders are mainly used as "bumpers" to absorb collision energy.

For many, it may not be known that on the outer surface of the vessels, or massive sea ships are covered with rubber fenders.

Many may often refer to these fenders as rubber reinforcements. There are also rubber fenders on docks.

We have a wide range of standard rubber fenders on stock. We can also manufacture custom-made rubber fenders according to customer requirements.

All rubber fenders are manufactured with the finest quality rubber and can be sliced as needed into various lengths, drilled or pre-curved.

During the berthing process, the primary goal of the rubber fenders on the dock is to remove collision impact effect. Our rubber fenders upon impact, defend both the vessel and the pier.

Since the rubber fenders are considered long live, solid rubber fenders have been used for decades.

Rubber fenders come in various types including pneumatic form, type of CO, type of SC, type of GD, and many others. All these types of rubber fenders, as discussed below, are special in their own way and come with different specifications and uses.