Adjustable Leveling Feet

Adjustable Leveling Feets - Antivibration

Anti-vibration leveling feet are used in a wide variety of frequencies as well as under varying environmental environments as fully customizable levelers.

Our high-quality anti-vibration leveling feet are ideal for isolating a device from excessive vibrations and feedback, as they are engineered to shield any delicate equipment or electronics on which they are mounted.

These anti-vibration adjustable leveling feet are suitable for industrial and domestic use. Our collection includes adjustable leveling feet for chairs, seats, rubber furniture boots, door bumpers, and wall mounted door stops.

All of our anti vibration leveling feet models have an inoxidable steel foundation for hygienic use. 316 stainless steel screw also can be ordered.

You can choose between Snap on and Screw on, flexible. We deliver a patented vibration levelling foot for heavy duty machine mounting designed to insulate a variety of frequencies and large loads. Choose between stick or screw on rubber feet for less difficult applications.

These high quality 100% rubber antivibration adjustable leveling feet offer effective and easy solution for surface mounting. Our self-adhesive adjustable leveling feet is easily applied to any surface and reduces friction and knocks.