Rolling Rubber Diaphragms

Rolling Rubber Diaphragms

Rolling rubber diaphragms are special diaphragms shaped like top hats which provide the properties both of bellows and diaphragms. 

The rolling diaphragms have deep folding parts, which allow smooth rolling action. 
A long stroke is possible, and the effective pressure receiving area will be maintained the same throughout the operation.

Because the Rolling Rubber Diaphragm will move with a rolling action, it will not be necessary to pay special attention to the surface finish, materials, and hardness of the piston and the cylinder. 

In addition, these rolling rubber diaphragms can respond to minute pressure variations, greatly contributing to improving the performance of equipment in the air pressure and liquid pressure control fields. 

The design of the rolling rubber diaphragms enables their use without any lubrication. The rolling action of this type of diaphragms allows no friction loss in addition to extremely small hysteresis loss. 

When using rolling rubber diaphragms there is no leakage(very low levels to be exact, however, there will be a tiny permeation through the rubber membrane.). The effective pressure receiving area will constantly stay the same throughout the full stroke. 

Because the folding parts of the Rolling Rubber Diaphragms are narrow, they can be designed for extremely low pressure (250Pa) applications to high pressure (9.81MPa) applications.

The Rolling Rubber Diaphragms have a long lifetime due to the rolling action. Rolling Rubber Diaphragms has a design with an automatic centripetal action. (If the piston is pushed in one particular direction, the pressure will cause a restoring force that will act to return the piston to the center line.)

Elastomeric rolling diaphragm

Elastomeric rolling diaphragm

Elastomeric rolling diaphragm The long-stroke rubber rolling diaphragm which is everted during installation is to be considered a special case among dished diaphragms. The effective stroke is constrained by the deep drawing nature of the fabric with the style of tissue reinforcement. Rolling diaphragms allow to have pressure only on the molding side of the diaphragm. Elastomeric rolling diaphragms are developed according to your needs in rubber coated fabric, from fabri..

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