Wing Shape Rubber Fenders

Wing shape Rubber Fenders

Wing shape rubber fenders are further developed design of the D-shape fenders. These are often used as an alternative to ship walls, docks and piers being covered.

Typically, the wing shape rubber fender is placed in a profile, providing a bumper that is highly resistant to different forces. Wing fenders can be easily installed and removed if necessary.

Standard wing fenders have an O-shaped inner chamber, but sometimes wing fenders are made without an inner chamber (solid):

  • Wing fender with bore
  • Wing fender - solid

Wing fenders are normally installed between two steel points, which is also a simple to build solid form of design. Use two lines of screws, this type of fender can also be attached or it can be fixed to a special sealant.

We will supply the mounting holes needed. To insure that it fits properly around a ship's bow and stern, wing fenders can also be made vulcanized with a particular radius. Many wing fenders can be supplied in lengths specified and the ends can be bevelled.