Cut-to-size Plastic Sheets and Rods

Plastics Gluing, Bending Cut to Size Plastics Service

You have a plastic material picked. What do you do with this plastic, though? Do you need it cut down or machined to an appropriate size or length? Do you know that your order of engineering plastics can not only be supplied by us but also custom-cut?

Our plastic cutting plant and automated warehouse running in connection with it help us to rapidly and perfectly manufacture cut-to-size sheets in large batches. The cutting of plastic sheets at our facility is free of impurities, thanks to our powerful sawdust removal method.

Products and Cut-to-Size Capability
We can supply the material and custom cut to your specifications. We can cut any volume of material of any dimension. Our company can supply the material and perform a custom cut according to your specifications.

We can offer cut-to-size service for plastic sheets for every market, from a single sheet to 100 or more. In certain situations, the procurement of cut-to-size plastic sheet rectangles reduces time, effort, and shipping costs relative to the purchase or in-house cutting of complete sheets of paper.

Our CNC panel saws and manual cutting equipment are capable of easily and reliably cutting plastic sheets to the finished measurements you require. Plus, to optimize material yields, we function.

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