Wire Mesh Belts

Metal wire mesh conveyor belts are made of various metal alloys depending on the conditions they are going to be used in and can stand a wide range of working temperatures from -50°C up to 1200°C.

One of the distinctive features of these kinds of belt is the open mesh. This makes them ideal for processes where it is of benefit for the the item to be exposed such as for drying or cooling.

The open mesh also means there is  less residue build up and also minimal drag in bathing operations.  Maintenance costs also tend to be lower as less time is required to clean these types of  belt.
They are typically used in many different sectors like:

  • Bakery
  • Wire mesh belts for Mechanical, Metallurgical use
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Architecture
  • Pharmaceutical wire mesh conveyor belts
  • Ecology and Metal Recycling
  • wire mesh belts for water treatment