Stainless collars

The stainless steel collar for loose flanges serves as the end part of the pipeline, by means of which the steell pipe is connected to a steel or shut-off valve. The stainless steel collar which is welded to the pipe end is the only part of its kind, providing the role of the collar between the pressure flange and the counter flange of the steel pipe, gate valve or shut-off valve.

Thanks to the stainless steel collar, it is possible to significantly reduce the cost of construction of pipeline systems in the installation of the valves and other flange connections. Especially it is felt when working with large diameters of pipes and valves.

The stainless collar for flanges is part of the Lap Joint Flange connection(Loose flange) - a device which consist of two pieces , it looks like a weld neck flange together, and it is butt welded with the pipes, it also like a loose slip-on flange. The Lap joint flanges as well as the stainless collars are used a lot in the low pressure piping systems.