Stainless aseptic fittings

We offer stainless aseptic fittings and valves for the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, food industry, chemical plants, solar industry with high quality and close following of the technical requirements. In addition to high quality material, the aseptic stainless fittings have good clean surfaces, are cavity free and have the proper sealing elements. All of our aseptic stainless fittings can be sterilised with pressurised steam.

Furthermore, we offer two distinct quality classes as the hygiene classes: (Material No. 1.4404 = 4L) Hygiene class H3 with an Ra value inside of <0,8 μm and hygiene class H4 with an Ra value of <0,4 μm (Material No. 1.4435 = 5S - Basler Norm 2)).

The key classes of aseptic fittings we offer are as follows: