Welded stainless bends

Although most of the small diameter stainless bends are seamless, most of the large stainless elbow diamters are produced with a longitudinal weld. During the production process of the tube bending, the quality, size, and consistency of that weld seam matter. 

There was a time when welded bends were thought to have poorer corrosion resistance than seamless because of the weld seam. Recent improvements in the welding and forging process of welded tube have negated that argument in all but the most extreme conditions.  

There are some areas, like the micro electronic and semiconductor markets where that can become an issue.  But in the food, beverage, and biopharmaceutical market this argument is really a non-starter.

We offer all kind of welded stainless bends including r=1D bends, 1,5xD bends , 2D, 3D, special radius bends, mittered stainless bends, DIN 11852 bends, orbital bends and many more in diameters in diameters up to DN600 with very short delivery time.