Weld fittings

Our Weld nipple cutting ring fittings are produced by standards such as DIN : 2353, DIN 3851, ISO : 8434 -1, ISO : 8434 – 4, IS:8805, BSI 5200, JIC, SAE J 514 / ISO 8434-2 etc.

Weld cutting fittings are guaranteed interchangeable with products of other manufacturers corresponding to DIN 2353. Our Weld nipple Fittings are manufactured in Steel, Stainless Steel 304/316 & Brass.

O-ring supplied with the fitting is made of NBR (e.g. Perbunan) having shore hardness of 90º + 5º & temperature range of -35º up to +100º C. FPM (e.g. Viton -25º up to +200º C) can also be supplied on request.

Weld nipple fittings are offered in Complex shapes such as elbows, tees, etc. They are manufactured from hot forging, which has obvious advantage over plate in extreme strength & high impact resistance.

Weld nipples, tube bend weld nipples and ASK types made of steel are weldable according. to usual techniques. Types made of 1.4571 (stainless) are suitable for arc welding. The welding filler should be selected in accordance with DIN 8556 part 1 with consideration of the type of application and the welding technique.

The nominal working pressure (PN) of a complete weld nipple cutting ring fitting is dependent upon the least rated component, i.e. tube, weld nipple or fitting. The component out of these three with the lowest rated pressure or working pressure determines the nominal pressure (PN) of the complete fitting.

Weld nipple fittings are used for very high pressure application areas such Steel plants, Shipyards.