The DIN2353 cutting ring Connector fittings can be used with copper, steel and stainless steel pipes. By using the cutting ring sleeve, even plastic tubes can be used. The stainless surface optimizes the protection of the whole cutting ring connection model.

The stainless steel cutting ring connectors are characterized by high chemical resistance and is also used in the food industry. 

This type of Connectors by DIN 2353 ISO 8434-1 operates on the principle of the metal-metal seal. The double-sided cutting ring cuts into the pipe as the nut is tightened to create a hermetic seal and engage with the 24° taper body.

The key advantage of the cutting ring connectors is that there is no need for welding and it is easy to service and disassemble without flaring the pipes or perform additional machining. The double cutting surface reduces possible vibrations of the system and prevents the ring from slipping off.