Banjo fittings

The banjo fittings of Metric and BSPP  type (British Standard Parallel Pipe), have two parts:

A hollow perforated bolt and a spherical fluid transfer union. They are mainly used in applications with medium to high pressure— up to 800 bar (11,600 psi).

Banjo fittings move in relation to the fitting attachment; hence, when the fitting is placed in location, the hose does not bend or twist.

Banjo fittings have the primary advantage of not having to bend close to the fitting attachment; therefore, when the fitting is stuck in position, the hose does not bend which preserves it.

Banjo fittings are used in lot of applications, particularly in the automotive and mobile machinery industries, such as:

  • hydraulic clutch structures,
  • brake caliper connectors,
  • air dosing for targeted catalytic reduction technologies,
  • fuel filter connectors,
  • energy steering liquid lines,
  • turbo charger oil feed lines and variable valve timing schemes.