Rubber "U" profiles

In the case of U-section edge protectors there is a possibility to choose from different materials, and it is a good solution to protect edges of metal, plastic sheets and all kind of frames. The rubber U-profiles can be made from several kind of rubber materials, even extruded with metallic insert.

We offer both soild and sponde rubber U-profiles. The U-channels can be coextruded with EPDM profile or with soft PVC polymer. “U” profiles or bumper profiles can be replaced by our nosing profiles.

For easier search we divided our products into two subcategories: with metal insert and without metal insert. The benefits of rubber U-channel profiles is that they can be used in a wide range of working conditions while keeping their flexibility and low range of permanent deformation. 

You can check our large catalog for Edge trim profiles here.


Here you can assign a variety of source material - NBR, EPDM, CR for stable protection of no- bonding protection plates, plastic frames, and so on. More source material extruded even with a metallic attachment.