Rubber "H" profiles

Rubber H-profiles

Rubber H-profiles and strips are used as filler profiles and seals, as well as for glazing seals. We offer an extensive selection of standard configuration H-rubber solid and sponge profiles, that are manufactured to order. You can choose between a wide selection of EPDM H-profiles, NBR H-profiles, Neoprene and other types of rubber. Your small quantity needs of solid and sponge H-profiles are welcome with us.

The above rubber materials are offered for manufacturing of the rubber H-profiles both in commercial and specification grades as per customer request.

We serve as OEM and replacement part supplier for rubber H-profiles, providing high quality rubber products for the glazing, electronics, construction, and transportation.


Rubber "H" Profiles

Rubber "H" Profiles

The solid rubber H-profiles are widely used as connections between the frames and glass panes. These solid rubber H-profiles can be produced in a variety of hardnesses and materials as EPDM, NBR, CR etc. We can offer rubber H-profiles in coil form as well as in long straight lengths of H-profiles. In our product range are included also solid and sponge rubber H-profiles in form-cured lengths, cut pieces, endless ring and special shape gaskets made of rubber H-profiles. All..

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