Polyethylene / PE

Polyethylene Sheets and Rods 

The polyethylene sheets and rods - in the form of PE300, UHMW and HMW-PE is used for the production of chemical containers and apparatus engineering, coatings and multilayer structures ,construction equipment, transport, lifting and handling equipment, orthopedic equipment, electrical Industry, food Industry.

Polyethylene has excellent electrical insulation properties and low dielectric loss tangent, including at high frequencies. The polyethylene sheets and rods are inherent and have good damping characteristics plus a high resistance to scratching,

There are lot of modifications of the polyethylene sheets and rods in black color, resistant to UV, making it suitable for outdoor use as components and parts facilities are constantly subjected to impact and abrasion resistance. 

The polyethylene has high chemical resistance, excellent processing parameters, corrosion.
Food Industry
Chemical Industry
Lifting mechanisms
General Industry
Waste water