Expanded PTFE Sheets

Expanded PTFE Sheets - EPTFE

Our high-quality Soft Expanded PTFE Sheets are made of 100% expanded biaxial PTFE (ePTFE), without fillers / or at request with fillers/, without pigments or inks. They are soft and with very good compression, compared to the rigid PTFE.

The expanded PTFE sheets have a very high pH resistance range (pH 0-14) and can handle almost every medium available -  except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine.

The expanded PTFE in the form of sheets has excellent temperature resistance in a very wide range of temperatures - between -210 ° C to + 260 ° C, short THERM 315 ° C (recommended temperature from -200 ° C to + 230 ° C).

Moreover - the EPTFE sheets are approved by FDA an are physiologically inert in all recommended applications. 

We offer Expanded PTFE sheets in four different versions - 100% expanded PTFE or expanded PTFE with glass fillers, silica fillers or filler of barium sulphate.

Expanded PTFE Sheets

Expanded PTFE Sheets

Expanded PTFE Sheets Expanded PTFE - EPTFE Gasket material is a soft and conformable material that is ideal for applications with limited bolt load torque available.  Or in applications such as glass-lined pipe where excessive bolt load will cause more problems than it will solve.    If you have never touched this exceptional sealing material think of a dense marshmallow. It has the same chemical resistance and temperature range as any PTFE but it is soft and will e..

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