Expanded PTFE Cords

The Expanded PTFE cord has high residual thickness at time of installation and highest recovery properties. The round expanded PTFE has very good adaptability to shafts and flange surfaces and very low sliding friction.

The PTFE cord is avery clean material, harmless in contact with food. It's often used as sealing for valve spindle, for shaft seals, tube flanges, as PTFE cord sealing for tanks, in the apparatus engineering, machine housings, food processing systems, pharmaceutical systems.

The Expanded PTFE cord is compliant to FDA, EC1935/2004 and is fully suitbale for applications with food contact.


  • 100 % expanded PTFE (ePTFE) without fillers 
  • universal velve packing
  • high mechanical properties
  • high chemical resistance
  • reduced cold flow and improved recovery
  • non-toxic, biologically inert
  • non-flammable

Expanded PTFE Valve packing cord

Expanded PTFE Valve packing cord

The expanded PTFE cord packing is a round gasket cord consisting made from expanded PTFE with a modified structure. The patented processing method strengthens the fibre structure of the string seal and improves remarkably its mechanical properties. Thanks to the special processing method the cord seal features a higher compactness, a lower cold-flow tendency and better recovery properties.The expanded PTFE cord packingis a universal valve string designed to seal spindles..

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