Cloth Inserted Silicone Rubber

Cloth Insertion silicone rubber sheeting is manufactured from commercial silicone rubber with a single ply cloth reinforcement. The cloth insertion may vary from polyester, fiberglass cloth or other as per customer's request. This provides an increased tensile strength and tear resistance over standard commercial silicone rubber sheeting.

Fiberglass-reinforced Silicone sheeting is typically used for custom gaskets or seals requiring a resilient, non-porous high-temperature, flame-retardant silicone suitable for operating temperatures from -80 to +290°C. Cloth inserted silicone sheeting is resistant to weathering and engine oil, and remains flexible over its temperature range. It is available in many different thicknesses. The fiberglass is centered between the two layers of silicone that gives the material dimensional stability and higher tensile strength.  

Silicone Rubber reinforced with glass cloth

Silicone Rubber reinforced with glass cloth

Silicone Rubber reinforced with glass cloth Glass fabric reinforced silicone sheets are made of glass fiber fabric, coated with thick layers of silicone rubber on both sides. Reinforced Silicone is designed for use in applications where stresses are typically static and pressures are usually low. Glass cloth inserted silicone rubber has a fabric featuring flame & heat resistance, excellent dimensional stability, inert to most common chemicals, high strength to we..

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