High strength EPDM sheet

These high strength EPDM rubber sheets and strips provide better shock-absorbing qualities and longer life. The high strength EPDM rubber sheet comes with a greater strength than standard weather-resistant EPDM Rubber. This type of EPDM rubber sheeting is sunlight, ozone and water resistant.

High strength EPDM rubber sheet is with a non-slip, grip board. Smooth rubber is treated with peroxide for improved resistance to cold.

SUPER EPDM Rubber sheeting

SUPER EPDM Rubber sheeting

SUPER EPDM Rubber sheeting High strength EPDM Rubber is a perfect material for outdoor or mechanical applications. Because of its impressive strength, this EPDM grade of rubber with hardness  60 Deg Shore A, holds up to the rigors of oilfields, power generation plants, hydro-electric equipment and rubber pads for shock absorption.  The High Strength EPDM rubber sheeting is not affected by sunlight, UV rays or exposure to solar panel reflections, weather or high temperat..

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