PTFE O-rings

PTFE is a popular O-Ring which is white in color. The PTFE O-Rings are popular for use in applications which require a chemically resistant and non-compressible material. PTFE is a plastic that offers high chemical resistance, low and high temperature capability, resistance to weathering, low friction, electrical and thermal insulation, and "slipperiness".

General Properties of the PTFE O-rings

PTFE's mechanical properties are low compared to other plastics, but its properties remain at a useful level over a wide temperature range of -73°C to 204°C. The PTFE O-rings have excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties and a low coefficient of friction. PTFE O-rings are very dense and cannot be melt processed - the raw material must be compressed and sintered to form useful shapes.

Filled Grades

Mechanical properties of the PTFE O-rings are often enhanced by adding fillers such as glass fibers, carbon, graphite, molybdenum disulphide, and bronze. Generally, the normal grade of non-filled PTFЕ O-rings maintains excellent chemical and high temperature characteristics, while fillers improve mechanical strength, stability, and wear resistance.

O-rings PTFE

O-rings PTFE

PTFE O-rings PTFE exhibits some unique properties when used in O-Ring sealing systems. The most well known is the impervious nature of the PTFE O-rings to virtually all fluids and gases from -50 °C to +260 °C. Only molten alkaline metals and certain halogenated compounds will degrade the integrity of the PTFE O-rings. There are no elastomeric compounds in our PTFE products. The PTFE O-Rings shown here can be produced in a wide range of compounds including glass, bronze,..

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