HNBR O-rings

Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR) O-rings 

Hydrogenated Nitrile  HNBR O-rings are made of a synthetic polymer that is obtained by saturating the hydrocarbon chains of Nitrile rubber with hydrogen. This special hydrogenation process reduces lots of double bonds in the main chain of the NBR polymer, so HNBR O-rings possess superior heat, ozone, chemical resistance and mechanical characteristics over standard Nitriles.

HNBR O-rings are resistant to mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids, animal and vegetable fats, diesel fuel, ozone, sour gas, dilute acids and bases. HNBR O-rings also resist new bio-oils (biological oils). HNBR is suitable for high dynamic loads and has a good abrasion resistance. HNBR are not compatible with Chlorinated hydrocarbons, Polar solvents (ketones, esters and ethers) and Strong acids.

Service Temperature of HNBR O-rings: For HNBR the Service Temperature is from -40 C to 150 C and some special compounds can handle up to 160 C.

Hardness of HNBR O-rings: 55 to 90 Shore A are available.

Color of HNBR O-rings: Black, green, blue, brown, rust and gray are available, or any Color we can design for you.

Application of the HNBR O-rings:

HNBR O-rings have wide application in the auto and oil industries. In old air conditioning and refrigeration equipment Chloroprene (CR) and Fluoroelastomer (FKM) are popular material with coolant system of HCFC (or CFC) and mineral oil.

However neoprene O-rings and FKM O-rings are not adequate in the newer coolant systems HFC134a (R134a) and PAG lube, because neoprene will degrade PAG lube and FKM / Viton will swell more in R134a, The available rubber option in this case are HNBR O-rings which are ideal for the above applications.