EPDM O-rings

EPDM O-rings posses excellent resistance to ozone, sunlight and weathering, and have very good flexibility at low temperature, good chemical resistance (many dilute acids and alkalis, polar solvents), and good electrical insulation properties. EPDM rubber is a Copolymer of ethylene and propylene.

Service Temperature: The EPDM O-rings have the service temperature from -55 C to 125 C or up to 150 C (for peroxide cured systems).

Hardness: 40 to 90 Shore A EPDM O-rings are available.

Color: EPDM O-rings  can be manufactured in Black  brown, green, white, rust, yellow, blue, red, orange, purple and gray are available, or any other color.

Application: EPDM O-rings are widely used in phosphate-ester based hydraulic fluids and glycol based brake fluids systems. The EPDM O-rings are a good choice for sealing parts. EPDM O-rings are usually used in hot water or steam applications up to 150 C. However EPDM O-rings are not very suitable in petroleum fluids (fuels, mineral oils, greases).

O-rings EPDM

O-rings EPDM

EPDM O-rings are made of EPDM rubber and are used in extreme cold environment applications, outdoor applications, medical devices, extensive automotive applications, household appliances, electrical insulators, water/municipalities applications.  The EPDM O-rings are frequently to seal in brake systems, and for sealing hot water and steam. Ethylene propylene compounds and the EPDM O-rings have good resistance to mild acids, detergents, alkalis, silicone oils and gre..

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