CR Neoprene O-rings

Neoprene O-rings are made of Chloroprene - one of the first successful synthetic elastomers developed by Dupont  in 1931. The Neoprene O-rings are prepared by emulsion polymerization of chloroprene, or 2-chlorobutadiene.

The Neoprene / CR O-rings are made of a multi-purpose elastomer which yields a balanced combination of properties. All Neoprene O-rings show good resistance to sun, ozone and weathering and perform well in contact with oils and many chemicals. The Neoprene O-rings also display outstanding physical toughness and good resistant to fire.

Service Temperature of Neoprene O-ringsThe Service Temperature of Chloroprene can be designed from -40 C to 100 C or up to 125 C depending on different grades. Generally higher than 100 C, life time will be shortened.

Hardness of Neoprene O-rings : 30 to 90 Shore A are available.

Color of Neoprene O-rings: Black, white, rust, yellow and blue are available, or any assigned Color from customers.

Application of Neoprene O-ringsChloroprene O-rings are used in thousands of diverse environments, including automotive, wire and cable industries.