O-Rings are used in almost all industrial areas in a wide variety of fields: they are either used as sealing elements or as energizing elements for hydraulic slipper seals and wipers. Thus, the O-Rings are basically used in every field of the industry including general industry, food and beverage industry, pharmacy, chemical industry, aerospace, automotive. 
You can review our detailed O-Ring Selection guide O-ring Selection Guide

Your advantages

Today, the O-Ring is the most widely used seal because of its inexpensive production methods and its ease of use. We offer you a range of elastomeric materials for both standard and special applications which allow the O-Ring to seal practically all liquid and gaseous media.

The perfect O-Ring for each purpose

Our O-Rings are both cost-effective and perform highly in almost every environment. No matter if you need metric or inch, standard or custom-made O-Rings – any size of O-Ring seals is available. We offer EPDM O-rings, FKM O-rings, NBR O-rings, HNBR, as well as our proprietary FFKM, VMQ Silicone O-rings, FVMQ. Special products apart from rubber O-Rings such as O-Rings in PTFE based O-rings and metal O-Rings are also available.