Wear rings and cushioning seals

The function of a wear ring, wear band or guide ring is to absorb the side load forces of the rod and/or the piston and to prevent metal-to-metal contact that would otherwise damage and score the sliding surfaces and eventually cause seal damage, leakage and component failure.

Wear rings should last longer than the seals as they are the only thing stopping expensive damage to the cylinder.

Our non-metallic wear rings for rod and piston applications offer great benefits over traditional metal guides:

  • High load bearing capabilities
  • Cost effective
  • Easy installation and replacement
  • Wear-resistant and long service life
  • Low friction
  • Wiping/cleaning effect
  • Embedding of foreign particles possible
  • Damping of mechanical vibrations

A complete range of seals and bearings for pneumatics including the most common dimensions for pistons and rods. The guide rings are made of a specially developed, self-lubricating plastic material to provide low friction, wear resistance, long term compression stability and excellent service life.