Hydraulic Rod Seals

Hydraulic Rod seals

The hydraulic rod seals are used for hydraulic cylinders and actuators keeping the applied system pressure from leaking into the surrounding environment.

The goal of the hydraulic rod seals is to prevent leakage and, as a result, pollution of the surrounding environment. They come in single-acting and double-acting varieties.

A tandem rod sealing system with a buffer seal is typically required for high-pressure applications. In the cylinder sealing system, the hydraulic rod seals generally interact with wiper components.

To match the unique application profile, a broad range of compound and profile combinations are offered. Rod seals that meet ISO 6020, ISO 5597, and ISO 7425-2 requirements are available.

up to 5,000psi (350bar)* High-Pressure Hyrdaulic Rod Seals – up to 5,000psi (350bar)*  up to 10,000psi (700bar)Ultra-High Pressure Hydraulic Rod Seals – up to 10,000psi (700bar)
 up to 5,000psi (350bar)*Long-Life rod seals – up to 5,000psi (350bar)* up to 5,000psi (350bar)*Low-Friction rod seals – up to 5,000psi (350bar)*

According to the direction of acting:

Single acting Hydraulic piston sealsSingle-acting – or Uni-directional – Hydraulic Rod Seals capable of sealing dynamic pressure from one side.

Single acting Hydraulic piston sealsDouble-acting – or Bi-directional – Hydraulic Rod Seals capable of sealing dynamic pressure from both sides.