Еxtruded rubber profiles


Thousands of rubber profiles, more than 3500 types of products, silicone rubber profile, and other special fields of application, detailed specifications can be found in our portfolio. A wide range of materials and products with great opportunities, but make sure you can find what you are looking for on our Web pages is a well-established, fast navigation. 

Both in the industry and private households are present lots of silicone rubber, EPDM rubber profile, thermoplastic elastomer profiles, plastic profiles profile other silicone and rubber products. EPDM rubber, silicone rubber or other special polymer is made from the use (s) to decide.

Heat-resistant seals, heat-resistant pipes, window insulation, blankets, rubber profiles, profiles of aesthetic finger protectors, edge protectors, fenders, heat-resistant seals for profiles, sponge, foams, rubber sleeves can all be found in our offer. On the selection of materials, please note that which time and where will you use this profile!

Our experts will be happy to help you in case of need.

Click on the form you are looking for, and choose one of the rubber profile types that appear below it. Click on the profile and material colors to choose. Add the quantity of the selected product to the online soliciting bids, which is just a few clicks and you can send to us.

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