pH and ORP meters

A sensor, transmitter, and process adaptation are all incorporated in a pH analyzer to best meet your pH control needs.

In-line pH analyzers we offer precise process pH readings in a variety of settings, including the manufacturing of filthy chemicals and ultrapure water. Digital Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology-enabled pH and ORP analyzers contribute to reduced maintenance through integrated predictive diagnostics.

A popular way to check if the pH of a process is within the appropriate ranges is to measure the pH within a section of piping. Using an inline pH electrode system is an alternative to inserting a threaded insertion pH probe into the pipework or inside of a tee piece.

In the same way that pH determines how basic or acidic a solution is based on the activity of hydrogen ions in the solution, ORP determines the reduction-oxidation state of a solution based on the collective activity of electrons in the solution.