Glass Tube Thermometers

The glass tube industrial thermometer is a small, compact instrument of sturdy steel construction. It combines the advantages of easy readability, small size, and adaptability to a variety of installations requiring an economical thermometer. 

Liqiud-In-Glass tube Industrial Thermometers are used in pipelines of all types, commercial building application (heating & cooling), process piping, tanks, boilers, etc.

The original glass tube thermometers we offer are in a high-quality V-shaped aluminium casing polished smooth on all sides, anodised in gold colour. The display area numbers are imprinted in black on the right-hand scale, underneath the anodic coating. This ensures indelible, durable print locked inside the anodised layer.

Our thermometers are available as standard in three nominal sizes, with each in straight, 90° or 135° versions and a variety of display ranges from -30–50°C to 0–600°C. In addition, we provide immersion tubes in brass, steel, stainless steel, special brass or copper-nickel alloy, and a variety of optional connection types and threads.