Special Pressure Gauges

Special pressure gauges, such as capsule pressure gauges, diaphragm pressure gauges, and differential pressure gauges, are essential tools for measuring and monitoring pressure in various industrial applications.

Capsule pressure gauges are compact, low-range gauges that use a thin metal capsule to measure pressure. They are ideal for applications where space is limited or where a low-pressure range is needed.

Diaphragm pressure gauges use a flexible diaphragm that responds to changes in pressure. They are commonly used in applications where a pulsating pressure must be measured, or where the pressure media is corrosive or viscous.

Differential pressure gauges measure the difference in pressure between two points. They are used in applications such as flow measurement, filter monitoring, and level measurement.

These special pressure gauges are designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements, and they play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of many industrial processes. Whether measuring low-range pressures, handling corrosive media, or monitoring flow rates, special pressure gauges provide reliable and accurate measurement data for critical industrial processes.