Humidity Measurement

The Industry Humidity Sensor System's most crucial component is the Sensor Probe. The probe might be specifically designed to be incorporated with the transmitter or it can be a standalone probe.

Our humidity sensors and transmitters are all built with ISO-9001 quality control in mind. In order to create your local certification for your market and sales requirements, we can also assist you we offer a number of currently accessible alternatives. Several of these things can be additionally OEM to specific measuring performance specifications.

A: Based on Usage: The temperature and humidity probes will be split into two categories based on their intended use.

1.) General Purpose Probes: generally applicable to all typical situations or lacking in any further monitoring

requirements for temperature and humidity monitoring probes in terms of precision and range

2.) Special probes, such as high temperature and humidity probes and other probes that can load high pressure,

High requirements, high precision monitoring, high requirements for corrosiveness and acidity and alkalinity

environment, humidity probe, etc.

B: By Purpose: We categorize the probes into four groups based on their function.

1. A thermometer having probes for measuring humidity and temperature

This is a transmitter probe that is integrated and has a digital or analog output.

2. I2C general-purpose temperature and humidity probe

3. Probes that can detect dew points

Temperature and Relative Humidity