Conductivity Measurement

Conductivity is essential for process control, product monitoring, water monitoring, and leakage detection in many applications. For all measurement ranges and situations, including ultrapure water, CIP cycles, hazardous regions, or sanitary operations, we provide trustworthy and precise equipment.

Methods for choosing conductivity sensors
Many sectors, including those in food and beverage, chemicals, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, water, and electricity, employ conductivity sensors and transmitters.

The application and conductivity range influence the choice of sensor. Select conductive sensors to detect low conductivities in pure and ultrapure water. In media with high conductivity, such as milk, beer, bases, acids, and brine, use toroidal sensors instead of 4-electrode sensors (e.g. phase separation).

For precise measurements, we provide useful conductivity calibration solutions and conductivity calibration standards. The conductivity sensors' precise cell constant is verified and tested at production.

All conductivity measurement ranges and all frequently used process connections are covered by the conductivity sensors and transmitters in our product line.

Compact gadgets that include a conductivity sensor and transmitter are ideal for the food and beverage sector.