Plastic conveyor belts (PU, PVC, PE)

All kind of processing industries must have the right conveyor belt system to guarantee exact and repeatable results. When it comes to choosing the type of conveyor belt necessary for certain food applications, decision-makers are often left stumped between two options: PVC Belts, TPU Belts or PE belts

Choosing between PVC, PU and PE Conveyor Belts. The food processing industry is constantly working to package and produce all sorts of meat, dairy, fruit, and vegetable products. Choosing the right belting solution can help maintain a level of efficiency during processing and packaging leading industry manufacturers to perform at high success levels.

Conveyor belts are used in many industries and for different purposes. In just the same way that their applications are many, conveyor belts also come in many different types.

Different industries have varied requirements and capital. This is why the market for belts is full of suitable alternatives for every industry. Among the types used commonly are plastic modular conveyor belts. These kinds of belts are versatile and come with their distinct specifications. Here are some key benefits of plastic modular belts.

Easy to Maintain
Plastic modular belts are among the best when it comes to maintenance and repair. All kinds of belts have a life span and sometimes, repairs are necessary. Compared to continuous belts, modular belts are quite easy to repair and maintain. This is because only a few modules or parts need to be repaired in case of a breakage. This is in contrast with continuous belts which force you to replace the entire belt.

The durability factor is also critical when you want to measure the value of a belt. Plastic belts are some of the most durable in the market because they are hard and sturdy. There is no possibility of tearing when using these belts regardless of where they are used. This is especially important since there are many conveyor belts made from fabric in the market and they do not last long. The load capacity and resilience of plastic modular belts are also comparatively on the higher side.

A good belt must provide value for money. Generally, plastic modular belts are affordable within the strong conveyor belt market. These belts combine raw resilience and affordability. They are thus the best in terms of overall value. There are many expensive belts in the market, especially those made from other materials like metal, but even though metal is a stronger material than plastic, metal and plastic belting are not very different from each other in terms of usage.

Compared to other kinds of belts, the plastic conveyour belt are a good and valuable choice. That’s what sets them apart. Regardless of your requirements, you can always find a good plastic modular belt in the market that is right for you. For more information on plastic modular or any other conveyor belts and accessories, go here.