Methyl methacrylate adhesive RK-1300

RK-1300 Structural Acrylic Adhesive

High impact, peel, and shear strengths characterize WEICON RK-1300 structural acrylic glue. One adhesive and one activator make up the system, which is employed in the "no mix" technique. Processing is facilitated by doing away with mixing steps.

For bonding large surfaces of several materials, including metals, ferrites, and hard plastics, the product is especially well suited.

The mechanical and apparatus engineering, car construction, tool and mold manufacturing, building and furniture industries, as well as many other industrial fields, may all employ the WEICON RK-1300.

WEICON Construction Adhesive RK-1300

WEICON Construction Adhesive RK-1300

WEICON Construction Adhesive RK-1300 WEICON RK-1300 features special product-specific characteristics: High viscosity, 21.000 mPa.s (pasty) Can also be processed on vertical surfaces Quick initial bonding strength (handling strength after 6 minutes) High shear and peel strength Residual elasticity and impact resistance Colour tone beige, opaque WEICON RK-1300 Construction Adhesive can be applied universally and is suited for below listed areas of a..

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