Methyl methacrylate adhesive RK-1500

Weicon RK-1500For bonding glass, metal, and ceramics, WEICON RK-1500 structural acrylic glue is especially well suited.

The glue creates a 2C-system that is treated using the no-mix method when combined with an activator. The application is significantly made simpler by doing away with mixing procedures.

The impact, peel, and shear strengths of the transparent adhesive are high. RK-1500 is particularly well suited for application on broad areas because of its low viscosity.

The RK-1500 has a wide range of industrial applications, including tool and mold manufacture, the building and furniture industries, mechanical and equipment engineering, and vehicle construction.

WEICON Construction Adhesive RK-1500

WEICON Construction Adhesive RK-1500

WEICON Construction Adhesive RK-1500 WEICON RK-1500 features special product-specific characteristics: The structural acrylic adhesive WEICON RK-1500 is particularly suitable for bonding glass, metal and ceramics. Together with an activator, the adhesive forms a 2C-system that is processed in the no-mix procedure. The elimination of mixing processes simplifies the application considerably. The transparent adhesive has a high impact, peel and shear strength. Thanks to..

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