Industrial coatings

Looking for significant savings? Thousands can be recouped by restoring worn pumps, valves, metal details and all kind of process equipment using JOTUN® Coatings® and WEICON® industrial adhesives and coatings.

The polymer industrial coatings from WEICON® and JOTUN® we offer are used in the process industries to protect equipment and structures from extreme corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack. Our high-tech epoxy metal polymers with special fillers for all kind of aggressive impact can solve lot of your technical problems.

Jotun Coatings

WEICON Adhesives and Coatings


If you are you restoring a pump, heat exchanger tube sheet, or above ground storage tank?  Would your operation benefit from dramatically improved reliability and efficiency?  

If your process equipment needs a protective coating for a high-pressure, highly-corrosive environment, there is an polymer coating solution designed to meet those needs.

Our epoxy polymer coatings and adhesive are ideal for providing fast, cost effective and durable repairs to many different types of material.